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Lake Biwa - 31" x 20"

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Edward Curtis Tapestries

Pomo Girl - 36" x 20"


Since 2000 Sheila has been weaving a series of tapestries in fine cotton and lurex yarns on jacquard hand looms.

Lake Biwa depicts a serene lake with Japanese fishermen from a photograph taken in 1953 by Sheila's mom, Betsy O'Hara, while living in Japan.
Horseplay celebrates the changing of the seasons as a black horse grazes in a meadow carpeted with yellow wildflowers near Upper Lake, CA.
GMO-OMG addresses the issue of GMO plants and their affects on our agriculture.
Sunpower captures the glorious beauty of sunflowers growing in the Napa Valley.
Birds of a Feather addresses the issue of global warming through love.
Konocti Twilight presents a view of Mt. Konocti and Clearlake at twilight behind a black silhouetted tree in Lake County, CA.
Global Healing speaks to the need to take care of our fragile planet. >>>>
The Flockettes are baaaack in all four seasons with makeovers in fancier weaves and even more colors. Both big and mini versions are available.

The following three tapestries have SOLD OUT but are still included on the MarketPlace pages to enjoy as images:

King Pup and Queen Cleopetra celebrate two of Sheila & Bill's beloved pets. Blossom Creek is a lovely springtime setting of blossoming trees in the foreground and rolling vineyards in the background near Calistoga, CA.

These tapestries are part of Sheila's experimentations on jacquard hand looms that allow jacquard weaving in a small format. This represents an exciting new direction for Sheila's designs, far more detailed than her earlier weavings. Some are now photo realistic. This is a limited series so if the piece is not in stock, contact Sheila about placing an order. Please go to the Market page for details.

In 2008 Sheila's studio became home to "Big Mama", a second hand AVL jacquard hand loom with 672 hooks. This loom came to Sheila through the amazing generosity of Mim Wynne in Arkansas. Lake Biwa, the first tapestry Sheila wove on her new loom, is shown above left and featured in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Handwoven, pages 60-61.

<<<Since 2009, Sheila has been creating exciting interpretations of Edward Curtis photogravure prints taken in the early 1900’s. These public domain images take on a new tactile presence as very popular lush tapestries. “A Pomo Girl” was the first image she brought to life in classic sepia tones. See the Market Place page 3 for other images and click here to read an article about the whole project.

She hopes that you will enjoy their company in your home or office.

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Global Healing - 55" x 20"


The Egyptians gather again
In the heat of the desert night
And disappear with the dawn
As the string stretches
From your hand
Then onward into infinity
I go where dreams hold dreamers
Like flowers in the snow
These words are secrets that I hide from myself
In thousands of scenes
And under endless millions of stars
As a Chinaman watches
Ageless women dance in the moonlight
In the arc of space
Ours is the promise
For tomorrow is when you made it
And today is here
For as long as these waters flow
I see myself in everything
And everything sees through me
The pattern of the weave
In garments worn by the seed
In this its journey

Brian O’Hara